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About Macys

Macy’s is Flagstaff’s very own coffeehouse. It is located in the heart of a dedicated and decorated community, and accordingly, it fosters the progressive changes of tomorrow while still honoring the wisdom of the past. Macy’s embodies the belief that business ethics and practices can coincide with the needs of employees and customers alike. Macy’s is a family. All who enter these doors are welcome with open arms.


Tim MacyMacy’s also understands the importance of supporting our global community. We employ a coffee scout to find and purchase our beans. We proudly pay better than fair-trade prices, directly to the farmer. Macy’s appreciates the importance of reducing our ecological impact so we also offer compostable to-go cups and participate in a community-composting program. We hope to someday be an example of how one Flagstaff coffeehouse and it’s ideals of leadership, dedication, and compassion, came to unite a world of difference; one love-filled cup at a time.


Most importantly, Macy’s eagerly anticipates its’ opportunities to give back to the local community. We are often home to the children’s poetry reading, the college students’ first gig with the new band, or the Monday night chess club. We often donate door prizes to various fundraisers or day-old pastries to the nearby shelters. We know that change begins with a series of small commitments that snowball the world into a better place. Macy’s will always be committed to that change.



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  • Introduction

    Welcome to Macy's Coffee House Blog! 

    Here, I'll be posting updates and information on everything going on at Macy's. This is also a space where you can leave comments, questions and just keep in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • A New Look for a New Year

    Macy’s is dedicated to preserving its home-town feel. We also strive to keep up with the times. We have revamped and updated our website to create a more informative and interactive feel, and we are going green wherever possible. We hope you enjoy our story.


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"It’s simply the best coffee I’ve ever had, and I have had coffee all over the world! -- Lisa


"No trip to Flagstaff would be complete without a trip to Macy's.” -- Scott Katz


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